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A taste of the old world in a new world setting: Hardwood flooring

Wood flooring is simply a classic. It carries with it a mystique that brings to mind great halls of old estates as well as formal rooms from a generation that appreciated craftsmanship and materials that would last. At the same time, the most modern design has gone into the engineering of these modern floors to make them stronger, more resilient to scratching, and able to be installed in lower levels of your home.

Local or exotic

The kind of material you choose says a lot about the overall style and look of the finished floor. Certainly, each species has its natural beauty, but some have grains that exhibit more curl and burl. Some grains even look a bit playful at times. Traditional oaks and walnuts, for instance, tend to have a more straight, deep grain while there are more curves in a cherry or maple floor.

Yet, you may want to look at woods that are not native to this area of North America. For example, we offer acacia, kupay, and even bamboo as flooring options. These woods have a distinct look and feel that is all their own and are sure to be a conversation piece in your home.

Engineered floors

Solid materials pose a challenge if you are seeking to add flooring to your basement. The solution is engineered flooring. A thin layer of hardwood is mounted on top of a plywood backing. This design protects the surface from the effects of moisture while still offering you an attractive hardwood floor that can be installed downstairs, or anywhere in your home.


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